Holiday Exclusive: 7 Piece Japanese Bonsai Tool Set & Tool Roll (HKIT1)

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Exclusive Holiday Kit - Only One Available


  • Bonsai Tool Roll - Tool wrap includes a cloth fold-over to protect your tool's delicate edges and tips while keeping them dry, clean and organized. The sturdy construction and stitching will give you years of service.
  • Japanese Round-Blade Branch Cutter - Since pruning is very important — especially for future growth — it is important to choose the very best cutter. The high-carbon steel Knob cutter has a round edge and will stay sharp with proper use and care. This version is made with high-quality steel and is finished in black. Dimensions: 8" Material: Polished Carbon Steel. The Tool is not stamped, but it's beleived to be a Genji production. 
  • Japanese Jin / Wire Plier - With a long nose and gripping mouth, Jin pliers are perfect to give that rough and weathered look. They’re also perfect for related Bonsai tasks such as wiring, gripping, twisting and squeezing. This 7 1/2" Carbon Steel.  
  • Traditional Wire Cutters - Designed to cut wire cleanly without damaging branches. Wire cutters are indispensable tools. These are the traditional wire cutters. Joshua Roth Brand
  • Long Shear - The Red Handle Long Handled Bonsai Shear is a very popular tool that's the perfect combination of precision and power. The blade on these shears is more petite than traditional Bonsai shears which helps with jobs that require a greater level of finesse, but believe us, the lack of blade size does nothing to hinder its effectiveness when it comes to jobs that require strength.
  • Zenport Pruning Shears - Professional-grade pruning shears. The spring-loaded blades create an easier cutting action and reduce user fatigue. For safety, a catch is provided to lock the blades in the closed position. 
  • Rake / Spatula Tool - This 3-Prong carbon steel root rake is used to remove soil from around the roots, while separating the roots. The symmetrical spatulas are well suited for tamping soil around the base of the bonsai. This 2-in-1 tool is an ideal tool to have when it is time to re-pot your trees. Made from high quality carbon steel. 
  • Mini Clippers - Mini clippers are great for trimming new growth. Comfortable and easy to use so you can maintain your trees shape with ease.

All of these tools are new and imported from Japan. The Round Blade Branch Cutter does not have a manufacturer stamp, however, it appears to be a Genji Production. These Tools were previously display models and will not ship with original packaging. It's impossible to replicate this kit for the price.

We Only have One (1) of these kits available. 


Holiday Exclusive: 7 Piece Japanese Bonsai Tool Set & Tool Roll (HKIT1)

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Holiday Exclusive: 7 Piece Japanese Bonsai Tool Set & Tool Roll (HKIT1)


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