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Give Your Bonsai A Special Home With A Sara Rayner Pot

2nd Oct 2015

A great Bonsai presentation is about more than just the tree itself; it's the total package. The pot that your Bonsai lives in is a vital part of its artistic statement, much like clothing makes a statement on people. Sure, you can keep a Bonsai in any old pot, but a great pot makes an even greater Bonsai.

And right now, one of the greatest Bonsai potters in the world is Sara Rayner. For more than fifteen years, she's worked solely on pottery for Bonsai from her small home in Minnesota, and in that time, she's come to be one of the most-recognized potters in the world. Sometimes described as a "rock star" of the Bonsai world, enthusiasts and even top-tier Bonsai masters are eager for her pots.

BonsaiOutlet is proud to stock an extensive collection of Sara Rayner designs, and they're a perfect match for any Bonsai.

Five Reasons To Give Your Bonsai An Amazing Sara Rayner Pot

1 - Each pot is lovingly hand-made

Sara Rayner doesn't have an industrial operation. Every single one of her pots is made by hand, in her own kiln, using glazes of her own creation. The result are pots with warm, rich colors and pleasing textures that go far beyond your typical Hobby Lobby products.

2 - Every Rayner pot is a unique work of art

Sara Rayner never makes the same pot twice. Each one is truly original, and each tells its own story. Every pot has its own distinctive patterns, cracks, and swirls brought on by the firing process. This "organic" look is one reason that her pots are so heavily sought-after by Bonsai enthusiasts.

A Bonsai is supposed to represent age and antiquity. Why put it in a prefab pot without personality?

3 - A wide range of influences

As Sara talks about in this interview, she doesn't stick strictly to either modern or traditional Japanese designs. She mixes and matches according to her fancy at the time, and the result is a wide range of options for potting. Whether you want a traditional classic pot, or a modernist-inspired new take on the designs, there's a Sara Rayner pot to fit your bonsai and your home.

4 - Leaving room to grow

Sara's pots come in sizes from 4" to 9", meaning there are options for virtually every size indoor Bonsai tree you're likely to find. Or, buy one that's a little on the big side so that your Bonsai can "grow into" it. This means it'll be longer before you need to repot it, plus you'll have more time to style your Bonsai specifically to fit its unique pot.

5 - A perfect gift for other Bonsai enthusiasts

If you have friends, relatives, or other loved ones who love Bonsai, a great pot can be an excellent gift... especially if their tree is nearing repotting season. A handcrafted Sara Rayner pot is something they can proudly display for years, while giving their Bonsai a truly distinctive look they'll appreciate every time they see it.

Are you going to be repotting your own Bonsai soon? Don't forget to check out our species-specific care guides for all the information you need for a successful transplant!