Natal Plum (Carissa Macrocarpa)

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This is a One Of A Kind Natal Plum

The tree you see is the tree you'll receive. Please ask us questions if you are unsure about caring for this tree. 

Natal plum is a strong and moderately fast growing plant which tolerates almost any abuse. This showy plant is native to South Africa and can be grown under almost any conditions (except freezing cold). When grown under optimum conditions of high heat and humidity, growth is extremely rapid and the rooting of cuttings an almost sure success. Natal plum is a perfect Bonsai for beginners and is sure to delight with its beauty and simplicity.

The Natal plum features some of the richest green leaves you can find on a plant. It’s closely set oval leaves and spines grow along the branches. Beautiful showy flowers are fragrant, white and star shaped, and blooms can be seen anytime of the year followed by 2 inch fruits that look like dark red plums. Flowers and fruit are often seen simultaneously on this Bonsai making it quite a show-piece.


13 inches tall

14 inch spread

8" x 6" pot

Natal Plum (Carissa Macrocarpa)


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