Hanasaku Kasei Hiryo - Increase Your Blooms With This Flowering Fertilizer

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Hanasaku Kasei Hiryo Flowering Fertilizer

NPK = N:4・P:14・K:5・Mg:3

  • Grow, Grow, Grow - Feed your plants all the vitamins they need to be the best they can be, and watch them grow beautifully.
  • Value-Packed - Seven raw materials are blended to bring the nutritious value of the fertilizer to the best balance for flowers to bloom to the fullest
  • Free of Odors - Even if your plants are in a confined space, don't worry about any strange smells coming from this fertilizer - it's free of odors.
  • Perfect for All Plant Varieties - This fertilizer is ideal for all varieties of plants, so you're sure to find a use for it in your garden!
  • Because the magnesium is blended the absorption of the phosphate is enhanced. This leads the creation of more flowers

Application - 2g per 1L of soil

Directions for Use: Apply every 3 months or as needed.

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