Yoshiaki Japanese Bonsai Tool Set – Butterfly Shears, Wire Cutters, Jin Pliers, Trimming Shears, Hemp Broom, & Sharpening Stone

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  • Yoshiaki Japanese Bonsai Butterfly Shears - The Butterfly Shears are 7 1/4" long. These shears are razor sharp and they're going to stay that way through years of trimming, cutting and pruning.   
  • Yoshiaki Traditional Japanese Bonsai Wire Cutter - This wire cutters measures 9 1/4" long. Designed to cut wire cleanly without damaging branches.
  • Yoshiaki Jin & Wire Japanese Bonsai Piers - With a long nose and gripping mouth, our Jin pliers are perfect to give that rough and weathered look. They’re also perfect for related Bonsai tasks such as wiring, gripping, twisting and squeezing. This 7 1/4" Carbon Steel Yoshiaki Jin and Wire pliers are built strong and designed for the toughest bonsai roots.  
  • Hemp Broom - Used to brush away small debris, even out top soil, dust off work benches, pottery, and other clean-up tasks. 
  • Sharpening Stone - Clean and sharpen your bonsai tools and numerous other tools. 


Yoshiaki Bonsai Tools are made the old fashion way - By hand, with some modern machinery. The machine forms the edges outline, then humans finish the edges, assemble and finish the product. The craftsmanship and cutting performance of Yoshiaki tools is superior and why bonsai enthusiast prefer this brand.


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