Jade Tree in a Terrarium?

Posted by Ashley Carrier on 7th Nov 2023

Q: Would your dwarf jade tree do well in a cover glass terrarium?

A: I’m afraid a jade would be a poor choice for a terrarium. Jades thrive in sunny, warm and dry environments. A terrarium would be too humid and wet, and it doesn’t take too much humid and wet for jade even when it’s in open air for it to become waterlogged and collapse. Jades are succulents and similar to a cactus. They store water in their “leaves” for when water is scarce.

Sorry about that. I think a jade would look great in a terrarium, but I think if you were to try it, you would have to skip all the other normal foliage that goes along with a terrarium and be very light on the water. Even then, I’m not sure it's a good idea.

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